A Gruesome Serial Killer Who Targets Kids - Maha

A Gruesome Serial Killer Who Targets Kids – Maha

Serial killing films need to be well written and executed properly, and no one does it better than the Tamil film industry. They create the film with such a standard and passion that other film industries can barely reach that point.

Such a wonderful film is Maha; the film gained a lot of appreciation in the critic’s society. Address as one of the best crime movies in Tamil, and many OTT platforms enable this film for view. aha, it is an OTT platform where you can watch this film.

An Overview of Maha

Maha is one of the popular crime movies in Tamil;the film consists of a story of a single mother and her struggle. Also, the plot of the film involves encountering a serial killer and the journey of a mother to avenge her child.

The film’s plot revolves around the lead character Maha, a single mother. Aishu is the daughter of Maha, who gets kidnapped by a serial killer who preys on small children.Maha seeks help from the police, and in the process, the police try to destroy the evidence and take the side of the culprit. Maha takes charge and is determined to avenge her child.

The film progresses with Maha’s determination to capture her daughter’s kidnapper and killer. Several incidents happen along the way, making the story worth watching and engaging the audience with the film. 

Casting and Direction

The Maha movie is gaining popularity for its incredible storyline and thrilling plot design. This crime thriller is written and directed by U. R. Jameel and produced by V. Mathialagan. It features Hansika, Motwani, Srikanth, and ManasviKottachi in leading roles. Other than that, Sujith Shankar, ThambiRamaiah and Karunakaran played extended cameo appearances in prominent roles along with Silambarasan.

The music of the film is composed by Ghibran, and J. Laxman Kumar does the beautiful cinematography. The film was edited by John Abraham and produced under the Etcetera Entertainment banner.

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